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Gator ITE Board for 2023

Renan Favero – GatorITE President, Ph.D. Student in Transportation Engineering Garrett Walker, GatorITE Vice President, Undergraduate Student in Civil Engineering Victoria Zorbas, GatorITE Treasurer, Ph.D. Student in Transport Engineering Gustavo Zacshber, Event Coordinator, Ph.D. Student in Transport Engineering Bryce Grame, Traffic… Read More

WTS Board for 2020-2021

The WTS chapter at the University of Florida aims to establish a college-based student community that focuses on advancing women in transportation through professional workshops, networking, and community service. Meet the recently appointed board members of Advancing Women in Transportation, University of Florida chapter for 2020-2021:  Mary Jeghers, Ph.D. Student, Department of Occupational Therapy  … Read More

Gator ITE Board for 2020-2021

Congratulations to the new Gator ITE Board Members: President – Luan G. S. Carvalho “My goal as this term’s president is to ensure opportunities for our students to develop their knowledge, skills, and professional networking within the Transportation Engineering field… Read More