The UFTI has a variety of laboratories and data collection resources to meet educational and research goals and needs. Additionally, the UFTI has a complete set of standard traffic data collection equipment for use in field studies including traffic classifiers, stopwatches, measuring wheels, a speed radar gun, video cameras and recorders, and portable power supplies. Several AUTOSCOPETM video detection systems, which can be used to automatically extract traffic data (such as speeds and vehicle counts) from cameras, and recorded video are also available.

Driving Simulator

The car-simulator allows researchers to conduct a variety of transportation-related studies on autonomous and connected vehicles, driver behavior, drivers with medical conditions such as Parkinson’s, ADHD, traumatic brain injuries. The driving simulator is located in the Smart House at Oak Hammock, which is a University of Florida affiliated retirement community in Gainesville, Fla.

The Traffic Signal Control Laboratory

The Traffic Signal Control Laboratory contains numerous advanced pieces of equipment related to signal control. Such equipment includes several AUTOSCOPE video detection systems, several traffic signal controllers (both NEMA and 2070 types), along with supporting signal control cabinet hardware and signal heads, and several Controller Interface Device (CID) units (for performing hardware-in-the-loop simulation studies). In this lab, we have the ability to conduct full intersection signal control demonstrations and tests. The laboratory is equipped with video data collection and processing facilities, including numerous video cameras and recording devices.

Computer Laboratory

The computer facilities at UFTI provide faculty, staff and students with valuable experience in the use of advanced computer technology in the transportation field. The computer laboratory is equipped with approximately 15 powerful personal computers for advanced applications, including traffic simulation packages, various traffic and transportation software, and statistical packages.

Instrumented Vehicle

The UFTI has available its own vehicle (a Honda Pilot pictured below) for performing on-the-road data collection. This vehicle is equipped with multiple video cameras and video recording equipment for capturing multiple fields of view from within the vehicle. Acceleration and velocity data are also collected.