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UFTI’s T2 Center Drives Innovation Through Groundbreaking Remote-Controlled Trucks to Protect Road Ranger Service Patrols

by Charles Brown, UFTI-T2 Research Communications If you’re on the side of a Florida Interstate with no gas, a flat tire, or something more serious, you might see a Road Ranger Service Patrol truck pulling in behind you to provide… Read More

AI Scholar Matthew Mapa Harnesses Data for A Safer and Better Tomorrow

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., Research Coordinator/Marketing & Communications, UFTI Matthew Mapa is captivated by the power of data and its potential to help society. That interest led him to the University of Florida, where he is now a third-year computer… Read More

Revolutionizing U.S. Infrastructure: The Digital Future of Bridges and Structures

By Aaron Costin, Ph.D., Associate Professor, M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management, University of Florida and Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., UFTI The launch of Phase II in an innovative multimillion-dollar initiative marks a significant milestone in the revolutionized way bridges… Read More

Using Flexible Financing for Improving Toll Road Projects

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., Research Coordinator/Marketing & Communications, UFTI Millions of people travel on highways and toll roads daily without ever considering the planning, decision-making, and financial decisions that went on in the background before that road was built. To… Read More

How a Novel Routing Technology Could Help Reduce Traffic Jams

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S., Research Coordinator/Marketing & Communications, UFTI Traffic jams, a pervasive issue in the United States, cost consumers time and money. INRIX, the transportation analytics research firm, has estimated that urban commuters in 2022 spent a staggering 51… Read More

New Study Sheds Light on How Autonomous Shuttles Impact People of All Abilities

Dr. Sherrilene Classen, chair and professor in the UF Department of Occupational Therapy, and her colleagues at the University of Florida studied how the lived experiences of people with and without disabilities impact their feelings about using autonomous shuttles (AS)… Read More

Driving excellence: Celebrating 10 years of research, education, & technology transfer at the UFTI

By Ines Aviles-Spadoni, M.S. The University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI) this year is commemorating 10 years of ground-breaking research and contributions to the transportation sector. The UFTI was founded in 2013. It is now regarded as a leader in… Read More

I-STREET Recognized by Florida Legislature

The Florida legislature recently recognized the University of Florida’s Transportation Institute (UFTI) I-STREET program with the passage of Senate Bill 64 and House Bill 425 – emphasizing collaboration with other universities in Florida and transportation companies around the world. I-STREET… Read More