What is Vehicle Cyber Security?

The Automated Vehicles Ecosystem is composed of three components: the vehicle itself, an infrastructure, and users. It is paramount to design an end-to-end security solution to ensure resilience of the whole system. We have seen some solutions, but they are… Read More

McTrans Highway Capacity Analysis Webinars

This June 17-21 webinar series presents lectures, software demonstrations and application examples on the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) procedures – including upcoming 6th Edition updates. Step-by-step instruction of the HCM methodologies will be provided for each analytical chapter with demonstrations… Read More

HCS7 Software Release 7.5

This latest release (scheduled for February) adds improvements to Freeways, TWSC, Service Volumes, and the Highway Safety Software (see below). Freeways – Several improvements are implemented in this HCS7 module to include more intelligent graphics within the reports and provide… Read More

HCS 7 Freeways Reliability

With Release 7.3, the Freeways module now models travel time reliability for Travel Time Index and Reliability Rating by analyzing hundreds of scenarios for the variance of demand, weather, incidents, work zones, and special events over time. Freeway facility reliability… Read More

UFTI Student Interns with FHWA

This summer one of the UFTI’s Ph.D. students, Deja Jackson, participated in an internship program with the Federal Highway Administration for the second time. Jackson interned with the FHWA’s Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center (TFHRC) in McLean, VA, where she was… Read More

Webinar Series 

This Highway Capacity Analysis Webinar Series presents lectures, software demonstrations, and application examples on the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM6) procedures. Step-by-step instruction in the HCM6 methodologies will be provided for each analytical chapter. The Highway Capacity Software (HCS7) implements and… Read More