Gator ITE Board for 2020-2021

Congratulations to the new Gator ITE Board Members:

President – Luan G. S. Carvalho
Luan G. S. Carvalho

“My goal as this term’s president is to ensure opportunities for our students to develop their knowledge, skills, and professional networking within the Transportation Engineering field in spite of the challenges posed by the current pandemic. Staying united is paramount in times of struggle, so our focus will be to strengthen our student chapter’s ties to our fellow students, our community, and the professionals of ITE.”

Vice President – Sagar Patni
Sagar Patni

“I wish to take GatorITE activities to new horizons from where we can see beyond the barriers of the nationalities mankind has set. With virtual and online technologies we will now try to broadcast some of our major events for international audiences as well.”

Pratik Lahoti
Treasurer – Pratik Lahoti

“I aim to effectively and efficiently manage the finances so the Gator ITE may continue to provide the best educational opportunities for all the members.”

Secretary – Vivek Gadhiya
Vivek Gadhiya

“I am looking forward to this opportunity to help as many aspiring students as possible by making them aware of current and future activities in our department; as well as, building a better connection of past and present students to grow our network.”

Outreach Chair – Shashwat Anant
Shashwat Anant

“I am very excited to be appointed outreach chair in the GatorITE Student chapter. My main aim will be to provide leadership and set strategic aims and directions for ITE, foster the development of professional spirit, and encourage the expansion of facilities for transportation and traffic engineering study.”

Event Coordinator – Akhilesh Shastri
Akhilesh Shastri

“As event coordinator, my endeavor will be to host as many topnotch events as we can to help students get the maximum benefit.”

Social Media Coordinator – Ehsan Amini
Ehsan Amini

“This year, I look forward to collaborating with ITE as social media coordinator to highlight and display GatorITE’s activities in media and encourage students to join ITE for future events.”

Traffic Bowl Coordinator – Christian Breault
Christian Breault

“I was on the ITE Traffic Bowl team last year, an am excited to take up being the traffic bowl coach. I hope to get everybody involved in competing and learning about transportation engineering and hope that the Traffic Bowl can bring more involvement to ITE.”