UFTI Students engage local elementary schoolers in E-Fair

The UF student chapters of the Institute for Transportation Engineers (ITE) and Women in Transportation Seminar (WTS) coordinated a transportation-themed trivia activity at the annual UF Engineering Fair (E-Fair) on February 18, 2020.

Over a hundred elementary students, teachers, and parents tested their knowledge of transportation infrastructure, modes, safety, famous historical vehicles, and fictional vehicles from popular movies and cartoons. Students showed their prowess in understanding road signs and bicycle safety while parents and teachers chimed in on historical questions about Kitty Hawk, the Spruce Goose, and the Model-T Ford. The students surrounded the table eager to spin the wheel and answer questions. The interactive setup and competitive nature fueled participation as some students spent all of their allotted time at the booth. Parents and teachers alike were surprised at the attentiveness of the students and noted that they may implement Jeopardy-style trivia into their classroom and study sessions. The transportation trivia activity was developed by the STRIDE Center to increase community awareness and interest in the transportation field.

Students Ala Alobeidyeen (WTS), Paige Highstone (WTS), Asean Davis (ITE), Siddhartha Gulhare (ITE), Luan Carvalho (ITE), and Corbin Kramer (ITE) led the activity.

The E-Fair is part of UF’s Engineer’s Week, an annual weeklong celebration of engineering hosted by the Benton Engineering Council through the UF Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. The UF sponsored events coincide with the National Engineer’s Week (EWeek), a week dedicated to raising public awareness of how engineers contribute to our quality of life. EWeek was started by the National Society of Professional Engineers in 1951.

For more information about STRIDE K-12 outreach programs, contact Ondine Wells at owells@ufl.edu