Group Leader: Dr. Siva Srinivasan

Dr. Siva Srinivasan is an associate professor in the Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering with an affiliate appointment in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. His research expertise is in the areas of travel demand forecasting, transportation safety, and transportation analytics. He was the former chair of the TRB committee on Effects of Information and Communication Technologies on Travel Choices and is a current member of the editorial advisory board of the journal Transportation Research Part B.


To develop and deliver databases, analytical methods, software tools, and professional capacity to provide end-to-end solutions (problem diagnosis to countermeasure deployment) for enhancing safety in all transportation modes  and to facilitate integrated assessments of traffic operations and safety benefits of transportation projects.


TitlePrincipal InvestigatorsAgency/SourceDescription
Big Data Management Pilot, Florida Department of TransportationSanjay Ranka, Siva Srinivasan and Ilir BejleriFDOTDemonstrated the application of big-data analysis / machine learning techniques to five transportation use cases covering transportation safety, operations, and performance measures.
Before and After Implementation of Advanced Signal ControlLily Elefteriadou, Yafeng Yin, Siva SrinivasanFDOTAssessed the impacts of signal coordination on safety by examining crash data patterns before and after the implementation in several corridors in Florida.
Transportation Safety Center (Phase 3)Nithin Agarwal, Siva Srinivasan, Ilir BejleriFDOTDevelop systemic safety analysis methods and apply these to assist with small and rural counties identify safety problems and implement low-cost countermeasures.  The center has assisted three counties already and will assist more in next phases of this project.
Warrants, Design, and Safety of Road Ranger PatrolsYafeng Yin, Siva Srinivasan, and Grady CarrickFDOTDevelop a statistically driven methodology to assist Florida prioritize the expansion of the road ranger service patrol program on its highways. Develop an optimization algorithm to allocate vehicles to beats for patrolling. Implement methods in a software tool.
Crash Prediction Method for Freeway Facilities with HOV and HOT LanesSiva Srinivasan in collaboration with FIU (Albert Gan and Priyanka Alluri) and Kittelson and Associates (Jim Bonneson)FDOTDevelop a statistically driven method to predict crash rates on new freeway facilities with HOV and HOT lanes. Emphasis was placed on the impact of separation type between the general purpose lanes and managed lanes.
GIS-Based Instructional Tool for Crash Prediction MethodsIlir Bejleri and Siva SrinivasanSTRIDEDeveloped a web-based instructional tool for teaching highway safety manual methods incorporating data from Florida.
Highway Safety Software (HSS)Behzad AghdashiMcTransThe Highway Safety Software (HSS) implements methods in the Highway Safety Manual (HSM). It is bundled and disseminated by Highway Capacity Software HCS. The Highway Safety Software includes the new roundabouts safety analysis procedure, local and state-level calibration capability for parameters, new error, and warning conditions along with other improvements.

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