Position Openings

Position Openings

McTrans Director Opening

Oversee the maintaining, enhancing, and marketing of the Highway Capacity Software.  This includes but is not limited to:  keeping the software current with the Highway Capacity Manual updates; exploring enhancements to software architecture and user interface to improve speed and functionality; exploring integration with other software tools/manuals.

The Director will be actively involved with the I-STREET initiative and identify opportunities for analytics and software research and development.  The Director will facilitate the use of current software products for I-STREET research as well as develop databases and analytics platforms to support I-STREET projects.  This position will also develop new software products/apps as outcomes of the I-STREET projects.

Work with UFTI faculty and staff to develop transportation related educational software.  The Director will develop software products that can be used to teach basic transportation engineering concepts in traffic operations, demand forecasting, etc. to UF students.  This position will also develop software products that can be used to teach emerging transportation concepts to students and professionals.

Supervise the staff at McTrans.  The Director will set performance standards and accountability for all staff and direct the efforts of the staff in accordance with HWCOE and University of Florida Human Resources policies and procedures.  This position is expected to and responsible for maintaining an inclusive working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.

Participate in the activities of professional developments such as TRB, ASCE, ASEE, and IEEE.

This position will coordinate with the T2 center on Tech-Transfer activities.

The Director of McTrans is responsible for the overall budget of the McTrans center.  She or he will oversee the expenditures and resources to ensure that the contractual requirements of the various projects are met as well as identify new revenue streams and/or financial models.  This position will formulate and administer the annual operating budget and with appropriate approval may procure agreements for materials and services.