Month: August 2017

HCS 7 Freeways Reliability

With Release 7.3, the Freeways module now models travel time reliability for Travel Time Index and Reliability Rating by analyzing hundreds of scenarios for the variance of demand, weather, incidents, work zones, and special events over time. Freeway facility reliability… Read More

UFTI Set to Launch Advanced Technology Testbed I-STREET

The University of Florida, in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Gainesville, is preparing to launch the advanced transportation technologies testbed I-STREET (Implementing Solutions from Transportation Research and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies).  I-STREET will encompass… Read More

5th Annual UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region

The UFTI’s STRIDE Center will be hosting this year’s University Transportation Centers (UTC) Conference for the Southeastern Region, November 16-17, 2017, at the UF campus. The conference is FREE and open to faculty, students, practitioners and public agencies in the Southeast. Students… Read More