Highway Capacity Analysis Webinars Including TransModeler SE

Transmodeler screenshotThe next Highway Capacity Analysis Webinar Series presented by McTrans is scheduled for April 8-12 with a bonus session to cover simulation using TransModeler SE, now integrated with the HCS7 Streets module.  This session will provide training on converting Streets analyses to TransModeler SE simulation runs that are HCM-compliant and include 3D animation and geo-referencing.  As of Release 7.7, TransModeler SE is provided through the Caliper Corporation to all HCS7 users.  The schedule is shown below with the simulation session included with all Series and Streets registrations and you can register here”  https://mctrans.ce.ufl.edu/training


April 8 (1:00-2:30)       HCM and HCS Overview, Major Changes, Principles, Concepts


April 8 (2:30-4:00)       Signalized Intersections (NEMA, Phase Duration, Multiple-Period Analysis)

April 9 (1:00-2:30)        Urban Streets (Flow Profile, Access Points, Travel Time Reliability, ATDM)

April 9 (2:30-4:00)        Ramp Terminals and Alternative Intersections (DDI, DLT, RCUT, MUT)


April 10 (1:00-4:o0)      TransModeler SE (HCM Compliant, 3D Animation, Geo-Referencing)


April 11 (1:00-2:30)       Unsignalized Intersections (TWSC, AWSC, Roundabouts, Segments)


April 11 (2:30-4:00)       Freeway Segments (Basic, Weaving, Merge & Diverge)

April 12 (1:00-2:30)       Freeway Facilities (Travel Time Reliability, ATDM)


April 12 (2:30-4:00)        Highway Segments (Multilane Highways, Two-Lane Highways)