Webinar Series 

This Highway Capacity Analysis Webinar Series presents lectures, software demonstrations, and application examples on the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM6) procedures. Step-by-step instruction in the HCM6 methodologies will be provided for each analytical chapter. The Highway Capacity Software (HCS7) implements and automates the HCM procedures. Each lecture will be followed by working HCM6 example problems and a software demonstration using HCS7. A comprehensive workbook is provided to include all presentation slides.

Registration is provided in four sections (Streets, Unsignal, Freeways, and Highways) with the Overview included with any registration and a discount for the entire series.  All webinars will be limited to the first twenty-five registrations to ensure that questions and discussion can be managed appropriately.  The series will be presented from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM ET on August 14-17 as shown below. Follow this link for more information and registration: [link]

Overview         August 14        HCM and HCS Overview, Major Changes, Principles, Concepts

Streets             August 14        Signalized Intersections (NEMA, Phase Duration, Multiple-Period Analysis)

August 15        Urban Streets (Flow Profile, Access Points, Travel Time Reliability, ATDM)

August 15        Ramp Terminals and Alternative Intersections (DDI, DLT, RCUT, MUT)

Unsignal          August 16        Unsignalized Intersections (TWSC, AWSC, Roundabouts, Corridors)

Freeways         August 16        Freeway Segments (Basic, Weaving, Merge & Diverge)

August 17        Freeway Facilities (Travel Time Reliability, ATDM)

Highways         August 17        Highway Segments (Multilane Highways, Two-Lane Highways)