UF AVIAN Team Tests Automated Technology at FDOT TERL

In October 2017, the University of Florida Autonomous Vehicles at Intelligent Intersections and Advanced Networks (AVIAN) team visited the Traffic Engineering Research Lab (TERL) to test their developed hardware and software. The team’s tests on integrating automated vehicles technology with intersections resulted in promising results, putting them a step closer to the full-fledged deployment of an intelligent intersection. The testing involved the NaviGator, the vehicle developed and operated by Dr. Carl Crane, a professor in the UF Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Center for Intelligent Machines and Robotics (CIMAR), and his research team, communicating with a central computer to minimize the intersection delay. The NaviGator successfully sent its arrival information and then received and autonomously followed the instructions (Watch Video Here). This study paves the way for integration of AV technology with intelligent transportation systems, which function more safely and more efficiently.