FDOT-funded Project that Launched I-STREET has been Completed

The University of Florida Transportation Institute worked on an FDOT-funded project to develop a roadmap for I-STREET (Implementing Solutions from Transportation Research and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies), the real-world testbed located in the City of Gainesville and the UF campus. The outcome was an extended technical memorandum containing a literature review, identification of testbeds developed and underway across the U.S. and internationally, and the industry state of the art. The document also identifies and documents ongoing research related to testbed development and operations.

Under this project,  a peer exchange was conducted to gather input from state DOT research programs, the Federal Highway Administration, university transportation research programs, the Transportation Research Board, private research consultants, and industry. The theme of the peer exchange was effective road-mapping of a state research program in the contexts of national and peer state research efforts and emerging technologies.

The information collected from the technical memorandum and peer exchange was used to guide the development of a roadmap for the implementation and operation of the testbed. This roadmap includes an overall summary of planned infrastructure enhancements and proposed management procedures for the testbed. A request for information was developed to solicit interest from industry to test and research emerging technologies. A marketing strategy was developed, and the testbed website was launched to showcase ongoing research and to provide information to the public. The roadmap also identifies areas of research and potential research opportunities.

Overall, the project was a success in launching the testbed effort. I-STREET is now forming partnerships with companies identified from the RFI release. The website is a great resource to find information about current projects, our overall effort, and how different entities can get involved.

Final Report: http://www.fdot.gov/research/Completed_Proj/Summary_TE/FDOT-BDV31-977-45-rpt.pdf

Summary: http://www.fdot.gov/research/Completed_Proj/Summary_TE/FDOT-BDV31-977-45-sum.pdf