McTrans Develops Bus Bike-Rack App

McTrans is mainly known in the transportation community for the development of the Highway Capacity Software (HCS) and Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) training/webinars. Did you know that McTrans also collaborates with faculty and other centers to develop software for research projects?

For instance, McTrans is currently working on an FDOT-funded project to develop a smartphone application which will enable bike users to view the bicycle rack occupancy on Gainesville’s Regional Transit System buses. UFTI researchers from the T2 Center and  the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are  developing capacity sensors for transit bicycle racks. These sensors will transmit bike rack occupancy data via cell towers, which will enable individuals to know whether a particular bus’s bike rack has available capacity. Using the smartphone application, bike users will be able to view the number of occupied slots on the bicycle racks for the routes of interest in near real-time.

For the past few years, McTrans has been focused on the development of the HCS7. With the implementation of the latest version of the HCM’s sixth edition nearly complete, McTrans is ready to undertake new software development initiatives to help with any research projects.

If you have any software development needs or would like more information, please contact McTrans at