UFTI’s T2 Center Receives Three ASAP Awards from the FHWA

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently awarded UFTI’s Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Center three Accelerating Safety Activities Program (ASAP) awards. The three awards represent more than half of all available funding for fiscal year 2017. ASAP awards fund research, development, technology and innovation transfer, and outreach and communication activities that promote proven safety countermeasures and Every Day Counts (EDC) initiatives. The three awards will allow the T2 Center to offer horizontal curve safety analysis workshops for rural local agencies, training on the proper use of crash modification factors, and a local government peer exchange on road diets and lane elimination guidance. These trainings will be free to local government agencies. Please visit the T2 Center training calendar for a list of all upcoming training opportunities: https://xms.dce.ufl.edu/reg/groups/FT/Preview.aspx.