University of Florida Transportation Institute Partners with Urban SDK to Expand I-STREET Program

The I-STREETTM Living Lab is a $2 million, 4,300-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility at the University of Florida (UF). Cutting edge technologies are developed, tested, and deployed at the lab and on the surrounding roadway networks on the UF campus, the City of Gainesville, and across the state. The I-STREETTM Living Lab was inaugurated on April 26th.

Gainesville, Florida – 05/14/2024 – The University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI) has formed a strategic partnership with leading traffic solutions software company, Urban SDK to expand its I-STREETTM Program to enhance collaboration with local governments and technology startups. This initiative lets local governments improve transportation, mobility, safety, and infrastructure with unprecedented access to cutting-edge transportation technology, research, and solution validation. 

The I-STREETTM Program’s mission is to expand local government transportation and engineering professional peer communities. With this new strategic alliance, members can now access technology pilot opportunities and grant pursuits, as well as UFTI-validated case studies that use proven technology deployment methodologies. By harnessing the expertise of UFTI, Urban SDK, and a counsel of vetted industry solutions and startups, participating local governments gain invaluable resources to propel their transportation systems into the future with less risk. This partnership empowers local governments and technology startups, offering them a unique opportunity to shape the future of transportation.  

“At UFTI, we are committed to driving innovation and advancing sustainable transportation solutions,” said Lily Elefteriadou, professor and director of the UFTI. “Through the I-STREET™ Program, we are excited to partner with Urban SDK to equip local governments with cutting-edge technology. This collaboration aims to create safer, more efficient transportation networks for citizens, aligning with our mission to drive sustainable transportation solutions.”

I-STREETTM, which stands for Implementing Solutions from Transportation Research and Evaluation of Emerging Technologies, was launched in 2017 in collaboration with the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Gainesville. As a “living lab,” it encompasses open-road testing and the testing and deployment of the latest transportation technologies, such as autonomous vehicles, smart devices, and sensors, informed by over $10 million worth of research conducted to enhance citizens’ mobility and safety. The I-STREET™ Living Lab and Gainesville I-STREETTM network is connected to the City of Gainesville’s Smart Traffic Center. It offers an ideal testing location for technologies related to all modes of transportation, conducting research from over $10 million invested to develop state-of-the-art traffic management systems that enhance safety and mobility.

“We are excited to collaborate with the University of Florida Transportation Institute in expanding the I-STREETTM Program,” said Justin Dennis, COO and Co-Founder of Urban SDK. “By combining our expertise in geospatial and big data technology with UFTI’s renowned research capabilities, we can harness the right tools and gain valuable insights together with our municipality participants to better navigate the complexities of modern transportation and infrastructure.”

The joint partnership offers a diverse range of technological solutions, from smart traffic management systems to autonomous transit and logistics. Urban SDK’s real-time data analytics will connect safety and asset management.

Both UFTI and Urban SDK emphasized that municipality membership is complementary to all transportation and engineering professionals with their  associated local government email accounts. To join the I-STREETTM Community as a member or learn more about deploying technology in the I-STREETTM Living Lab, please visit the I-STREET Program website.

About the University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI)

The University of Florida Transportation Institute (UFTI) is a leading center for transportation research, education, and outreach dedicated to advancing sustainable and innovative transportation solutions. With a multidisciplinary approach and a commitment to excellence, UFTI collaborates with industry partners, government agencies, and communities to address the evolving challenges of transportation in the 21st century.

For more information about the I-STREETTM Program and how local governments can participate, please visit the I-STREETTM  Program website

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK is a pioneering technology company specializing in smart city solutions, empowering municipalities with data-driven insights to enhance urban mobility, infrastructure, and sustainability. By harnessing the power of advanced analytics and IoT technologies, Urban SDK enables cities to optimize transportation systems, improve public services, and create more resilient communities.

For more information on the Urban SDK Geospatial Data Analytics Platform and how to identify, analyze and maintain regulated processes with big data analytics. Please visit the Urban SDK website.

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