Research to Practice Transit Symposium October 24-26, 2023


The 2023 “Research to Practice” Transit Symposium will take place October 24-26, 2023. The symposium will take place online and streamed on YouTube. As the transit industry is poised to take advantage of the largest transit and rail investment in our lifetimes, the symposium provides a platform where transit experts share insights on how evidence-based research is being or can be, used to make the most of these opportunities in a changing environment. This year’s symposium will focus on the following topics:

  • Transit leaders’ perspectives on the future of transit
  • Practical applications of transit data
  • Transit fare policy 
  • Transit equity
  • Women in transit
  • Disability and transit
  • Bus stop spacing
  • Transit infrastructure costs
  • Transit research implementation


Event Schedule

Full Program & Speakers 

Presentation Slides 


In addition to the opening and closing plenaries, the symposium features two types of sessions:

  • Researcher + practitioner sessions: researchers and practitioners will jointly present a research project that addresses a practical issue important to a transit agency, metropolitan planning organization, or department of transportation. Please describe the project background, the partnership, and how the research findings are or will be used to improve transit practice.
  • Regular sessions: traditional presentations where an individual presenter shares transit-related research.


AICP credits are available for this event


Questions? Contact the following:

Chad Riding
Caltrans Division of Planning and Modal Program Management
(916) 907-2212

Dr. Xiang ‘Jacob’ Yan
Assistant Professor & UFTI Transit Lead
Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering

Live streaming on YouTube:

October 24 (12 pm – 4 pm EDT):

October 25 (12 pm – 4:15 pm EDT):

October 26 (12 pm – 4:15 pm EDT):

The Symposium is convened by a partnership between APTA, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), University of Florida Transportation Institute, the  University Transportation Center, UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies, and the Mineta Transportation Institute. Organizing Committee members:

  • Chad Riding, Andrew Furillo, Luisa Easter, Stuart Mori, Balwinder Tarlok, & Wendy Moran, Caltrans
  • Jacob Yan & Xilei Zhao, University of Florida
  • Art Guzzetti, APTA
  • Hilary Nixon, Mineta Transportation Institute
  • Kari Watkins, UC Davis
  • Greg Newmark, Kansas State University
  • Brendon Hemily, Public Transportation Consultant
  • Jimi Oke, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Henry Rosen, WSP
  • Roderick Bailey, Mississippi DOT
  • John Andoh, City of Redding, CA