I-STREET: Advanced Driver Assistance System Shows Promising Results in Foundational Safety Study

Gainesville’s Regional Transit System (RTS) provides more than 40,000 trips per day, and with these trips, there is also the potential for crashes and liabilities. However, collision avoidance systems can help. Former UF researcher Dr. Clark Letter, now the Director of Planning and Analytics at the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization, and UFTI-T2 Center Director Dr. Nithin Agarwal evaluated the effectiveness of an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in the FDOT project “University of Florida Testbed Initiative – Alternative Transportation Safety Systems”. The researchers analyzed data from 10 RTS buses with routes around the UF campus; they also conducted focus groups with RTS drivers. The findings of this project can improve safety for all road users.

Read the Summary and the Final Report.
The RTS has over 1$ million of charges related to crashes and liabilities per year in recent years.