UFTI’s T2 Director Steps Down; New Search Soon to be Announced

Dear Colleagues,

Mr. Chris LeDew has stepped down as director of T2 as of July 3, 2015, as he accepted another position in Jacksonville, to be closer to his family. A big “Thank You” to Chris for his contributions in reorganizing and streamlining the T2 center operations during his tenure, making it even more agile and competitive. We will soon be announcing the opening of a search for a new T2 director, expected to take place during fall 2015. Please look for the announcement in a forthcoming newsletter or on the UFTI website (http://www.transportation.institute.ufl.edu), and in the meantime if you have an interest in this position or any questions about the T2 please do not hesitate to contact me at elefter@ce.ufl.edu.

With best wishes,

Dr. Lily Elefteriadou, UFTI Director