Partnering with FDOT to Evaluate Adaptive Signal Control Technologies

UF Partnering with FDOT to Evaluate Adaptive Signal Control Technologies 

Adaptive Signal Control Technologies (ASCT) refer to the real-time optimization of traffic signals based on prevailing traffic conditions, demand and system capacity. The primary objective of implementing these adaptive systems is to minimize travel time delay and to decrease the number of locations at which vehicles are required to stop while traversing a highway network. Such systems are known to reduce delays, traffic crashes and they require fewer periodic re-timings of traffic signals.  UF was awarded a project to evaluate the implementation of proposed ASCT traffic operations at seven arterial corridors in Florida, before and after the installation of specific ASCT, document the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches and implementations, and provide recommendations for state-wide implementation of ASCT.  The project co-PIs are Drs. Elefteriadou, Washburn, and Yin. For additional information please contact Dr. Elefteriadou at