Report Develops Recommendations for Regional Cooperation in Transportation Planning in Florida

Title:  Regional Cooperation in Transportation Planning (FDOT Project BDK77-977-16)

Authors:  Ruth L. Steiner, Kathryn I. Frank, Josette N. Severyn, Amy Cavaretta, Jessica L. Mackey, Sara R. Perch, Forrest K. Eddelton

The Florida Transportation Plan 2060 calls for making the state more economically viable, communities more livable and environments more sustainable for future generations as related to transportation. Because Florida has more Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPOs) than any other state in the nation, the Plan also call for changes in the ways local and county agencies engage in transportation planning and cooperation decision making processes. The study conducted by Dr. Ruth Steiner and her team at the UF Department of Urban and Regional Planning set out to discover how best to consolidate the local/county agencies so that planning and coordination can take place more effectively at the regional level. For more on the study, read the full report.

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