Summer Interships

Summer Interships


The SURF program entails a 10 week Summer Undergraduate Research experience at the University of Florida. SURF provides the opportunity to work with a premier faculty adviser and a senior Ph.D. student mentor. Students will engage in research and spend in depth time furthering their path to applying and enrolling in a Ph.D. program at the University of Florida. All participants will receive preferred Ph.D. admission and fellowship offers provided they have a successful summer experience and maintain their level of high academic performance through the completion of their bachelor’s degree. All costs for SURF participants are paid by UF including room and some board, a $5,000 summer stipend, round-trip flights/mileage to Gainesville, summer workshops, social events/activities and a GRE test prep course. Apply Here

Previous UFTI SURF Students:

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Matt Dean Headshot

Matt Dean
University of Virginia
Transportation Engineering
Admitted UF Ph.D. fall 2019

Headshot of Parfait Masungi

Parfait Masungi
University of Texas at San Antonio
Transportation Engineering
Admitted UF Ph.D. fall 2019


Headshot of Jabari Wilson

Jabari Wilson
University of Alabama
Transportation Engineering
Applying UF Ph.D. fall 2019

Headshot of Asean Davis

Asean Davis
Jackson State University
Transportation Engineering
Enrolled UF Ph.D. fall 2018


UFTI regularly provides opportunities for undergraduate students to get involved in its various programs and activities.  Such programs operate throughout the year.  If you have an interest in funded research opportunities for undergraduate students please contact Dr. Siva Srinivasan at