For Prospective Students

For Prospective Students

View our October 2019 webinar for prospective graduate students, see highlights of some of our research, and hear from present and past graduate students.
The Ph.D. and Masters programs in Transportation Engineering at UF offer students exciting opportunities to work on cutting-edge technologies such as connected/automated vehicles, big data and data analytics, the theory of traffic flow, simulation and optimization of transportation systems, traveler behavior, infrastructure design and monitoring, dynamic traveler information systems, and multi-modal transportation (e.g., transit, ridesharing, and micro mobility). We are looking for students with strong analytical capabilities (one or more of statistics, big data analytics, optimization, simulation modeling, programming, GIS) and excellent written and oral communication skills interested in addressing various current and future transportation problems. Students from a variety of undergraduate/master’s disciplines including Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, or Industrial and Systems Engineering, Computer Science, Urban Planning, and Economics will be considered based on interests and expertise.

Assistantships and Fellowships

The vast majority of our graduate students receive assistantships and fellowships. Each semester we receive numerous applications, and only top applicants are admitted into the program. The number of students we fund each semester fluctuates, and early applicants have a higher probability of funding. Once you apply to the Ph.D. program, you will be automatically considered for a research assistantship.  We do not offer teaching assistantships early in the Ph.D. program. However, some of our more senior Ph.D. students elect to participate in teaching activities so that they can be better prepared for academic careers. In addition to research assistantships, the following programs provide funding for US applicants:

Graduate Deadlines and Application

Click Here for the Graduate Admissions Application Deadlines, Checklist, & Funding Statement.

Contact Information

For further questions email: Dr. Lili Du Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering University of Florida Gainesville, FL  32611 USA