Traffic Operations

Traffic Operations

Research in transportation operations is intended to identify techniques for increasing the efficiency of the transportation system, improving safety, and improving air quality.  Research in this area also seeks to develop methods for the analysis of operating conditions on all kinds of transportation facilities.  Researchers at the University of Florida in transportation operations not only make use of “big data” sources but they also are leading the way in simulation-based research. UF researchers make use of an instrumented vehicle for a variety of field studies related to car-following and lane changing models, level of service perception studies, and other initiatives. Our laboratories have several signal controllers and other hardware and software for signal control optimization and analysis. We also work extensively with traffic simulation tools and have strong partnerships with traffic software developers.  In addition, the McTrans Center develops and sells the Highway Capacity Software, which is used extensively across the US and internationally.

TitlePrincipal InvestigatorsCo-PIAgency/SourceDescription
Impact of Lane Closures on Roadway Capacity, Phase 2Scott Washburn, University of FloridaFDOTThe primary objective of this project was to update the two-lane roadway with a lane closure analysis procedure developed under the previous project, based on calibrating the FlagSim simulation program to field data.
Investigation of ATDM Strategies to Reduce the Probability of BreakdownMohammed HadiLily Elefteriadou, University of FloridaSTRIDEThe goal of this project is to explore and assess methods to improve the operations at critical bottlenecks utilizing ramp metering and variable speed limit (VSL) algorithms that consider the probability of breakdown at recurrent bottleneck locations.
Empirically-Based Performance Assessment and Simulation of Pedestrian Behavior at Unsignalized CrossingsBastian Schroeder, North Carolina State UniversityLily Elefteriadou, University of FloridaSTRIDEThe objective of this research was to provide an improved understanding of pedestrian-vehicle interaction at mid-block pedestrian crossings and develop methods that can be used in traffic operational analysis and microsimulation packages.
Heavy Vehicle Effects on Florida Freeways and HighwaysScott Washburn, University of FloridaSeckin OzkulFDOTThe objective of this project was to develop PCE values appropriate for commercial truck conditions on Florida freeways and multilane highways. 
Impacts of Trucks on Arterials LOS and Work Zone Lane Closure AnalysisLily Elefteriadou, University of FloridaFDOTThe objective of this research was to develop analytical models and procedures for estimating the capacity of a freeway work zone considering various parameters. 


Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.

Professor Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering

Bill Sampson, P.E.

Engineer Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering

Scott Washburn, Ph.D., P.E.

Associate Professor Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering