Big Data

As society has become more technologically advance, the amount of data being collected is of enormous proportions, and finding ways to use this data to derive actionable information and decisions is the focus of the UFTI’s Big Data initiative. Big data analytics can have a huge impact on intelligent transportation systems, urban planning, safety research, and more.

Example Projects

Example Projects

Title Principal Investigator/Co-PIs Agency/Source Project Number
Big Data Project Services Dr. Sanjay Ranka/Dr. Lily Elefteriadou, Dr. Siva Srinivasan, Dr. Ilir Bejleri FDOT BDV31 562-01


Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D.
Professor Civil and Coastal Engineering

Sanjay Ranka, Ph.D.
Professor, Fellow IEEE, Fellow AAS
Computer & Information Science & Engineering

Siva Srinivasan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Civil & Coastal Engineering