I-STREET Logo: a bus, a car, a pedestrian and a bicyclist surrounded by orange lines to indicated communicationThe University of Florida (UF) and its Transportation Institute (UFTI), the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), and the City of Gainesville (CoG) have partnered to create a “smart testbed” on the UF campus and surrounding highway network. The testbed will deploy and evaluate numerous advanced technologies including connected and autonomous vehicles, smart devices, and sensors. lt will also develop and apply novel applications to enhance mobility and safety. These technologies and their application will work within the existing network and will accommodate the presence of conventional vehicles.

The legend and map below indicate the various I-STREET projects undertaken at the UFTI.

In summary, the I-STREET testbed deploys the following:

  • Autonomous shuttle
  • 129 Road Side Unites (RSUs)
    • 1-75 FRAME project
    • Gainesville SPaT Trapezium project
  • 56 On Board Units (OBUs)
    • Gainesville SPaT Trapezium project
  • 5 Fisheye cameras
  • Autonomous vehicle

The main goals of the testbed are to:

  • Facilitate the development and implementation of advanced technologies
  • Foster collaboration with industry wishing to test and further enhance their own technologies
  • Improve mobility and safety on campus and around Gainesville
  • Quantify the minimum criteria for operators to safely engage with automated vehicles
  • To become a model nationally and internationally for the use of advanced technologies to enhance transportation.