December 2018

  1. UFTI Research News
    • UFTI Affiliate Conducts Study to Analyze, Validate and Optimize Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing
    • UFTI Students and Faculty Attend FAV Summit
    • UFTI Reception at Annual TRB Meeting in Washington D.C.
    • Article Related to I-STREET and the Autobus Published in Traffic and Transit
  2. UFTI News
    • UFTI Affiliate Develops GIS Model to Identify Transportation Gaps for Vulnerable Populations
    • Visiting Speaker Dr. Carissa Slotterback Presents on “Advancing Collaboratively Engaged Research: Implication for Transportation Research Now and in the Future”
    • I-STREET Featured in Gainesville Magazine Interview
    • UFTI Reception at Annual TRB Meeting in Washington D.C.
    • UFTI T2 Center is Hiring an Education Training Specialist
    • Transportation Faculty Position in UF Civil Engineering

November 2018

  1. UFTI News
    • Dr. Scott Washburn Completes NCHRP Project on Two-Lane Highways
    • UFTI Affiliate Leads Technical Assistance for Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Project
    • UFTI T2 Center Awarded Three Accelerating Safety Activities Program Grants
    • Site Impact Analysis Webinar
    • UFTI Holds Info Session for Prospective Students
  2. UFTI News
    • UF GatorITE Chapter Wins Multiple Awards at Annual FSITE Meeting
    • UFTI Student Awarded Scholarship from UF ISE
    • GatorITE and WTS to Host Seminar with TTS
    • STRIDE at the 6th Annual UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region, Clemson, S.C.
    • UFTI is Event Partner for the 2018 Building Florida’s Future Summit

October 2018

  1. UFTI News
    • STRIDE Funds Project on Older Driver Experiences with Autonomous Vehicle Technology
    • New Program for Driver Rehabilitation Therapy Offered by UF OT
    • STRIDE-Sponsored Workshops During the 6th Annual UTC Conference for the Southeast Region
    • Strategic Development Plan Research Awards Showcase to be Held on October 9
  2. UFTI News
    • UFTI Welcomes Ondine Wells as the New K-12 Workforce Coordinator
    • Dr. Elefteriadou Presents at the UF-City of Gainesville Strategic Development Plan Research Awards Showcase
    • Dr. Xiaopeng Li to Present on Operations of Modular Transit Vehicles under Oversaturated Traffic
    • UFTI Students Receive UF International Center Certificate of Excellence
  3. UFTI News
    • Department of Occupational Therapy Aims to Improve Alternative Transportation for Florida’s Aging Road Users
    • Reducing the Number of Crashes for Teen Drivers
    • TransModeler SE to be Integrated with HCS7
    • Highway Capacity Analysis Webinar Series
    • STRIDE Hosts Workshop at the ITS5C Summit
    • Transportation Faculty Position in UF Civil Engineering
    • UF ISE Invites Applications for Human-Systems Engineering Faculty
    • Upcoming Webinars

September 2018

  1. UFTI News
    • David Wantman, WGI CEO, Joins the UFTI External Advisory Board
    • Dr. Lanshan Han Presents on the Estimation of Linear Mixed Models under Joint Inequality Constraints, hosted by the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering
    • Congratulations Sagar Patni, UFTI Ph.D. student, on Receiving the Glenn and Deborah Renwick Engineering Scholarship!
    • STRIDE Workshop to be Hosted at the ITS5C Summit on Oct. 7, 2018
  2. UFTI News
    • UF Ranked #8 Among Public Universities
    • $1 Million Awarded for Gainesville Bicycle-Pedestrian Safety Project
    • Dr. Pruthvi Manjunatha Discusses Transportation Engineering on ASCE Podcast
    • UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region on October 24-25, 2018
    • Transportation Faculty Position in UF Civil Engineering
    • UF ISE Invites Applications for Human-Systems Engineering Faculty

August 2018

  1. UFTI News
    • FDOT Research Center Showcases I-STREET Testbed
    • UFTI Researcher Evaluates Wind Effects on Mast Arms
    • UFTI Representatives Attend Transportation Summit in San Juan, Puerto Rico
    • Fabio Sasahara, Ph.D. Student, Presents at Travel Behavior Conference in California
    • Apply to Be an Instructor!
  2. UFTI News
    • UF Student Senate Acknowledges UFTI
    • UFTI SURF Interns Complete Summer Internship
    • UFTI Post-Doc Participates in Summer Academy at the Universidad de La Salle
    • UFTI Affiliate Presents at International Conference, Foro Argos 360
  3. UFTI Research News
    • UFTI Affiliate Evaluates Reflective Cracking Mitigation Treatments for Resurfaced Pavement
    • ISE Welcomes David Kaber, Human Factors Expert, as its New Department Chair
    • Call for Abstracts! UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region
    • Dream Big Now Streaming on Netflix

July 2018

  1. UFTI News
    • UFTI Researcher Tests Durability Evaluation of Concrete Mixtures and Structures
    • UFTI’s Co-Sponsors the International Association for Travel Behavior Research (IATBR) Conference
    • Congratulations to the Gator ITE Team on their Strong Participation in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl!
  2. UFTI Research News
    • UFTI Researcher Uses Drones to Inspect Bridges
    • UFTI Affiliate Launches SmartDrive Rehabilitation Services
    • SAVE THE DATE! 6th Annual UTC Conference on Oct. 24-25, 2018
    • Apply to Be an Instructor!

June 2018

  1. UFTI Research News
    • Driver Assisted Truck Platooning in Florida
    • Active STRIDE Research Projects
    • University of Florida’s Institute for Mobility, Activity and Participation Investigates the Efficacy of the DriveFocus App for Teen Drivers
  2. UFTI News
    • Meet our SURF Interns Matt Dean and Parfait Masungi
    • Gainesville Smart Cities Partnership and I-STREET to be Highlighted at the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo this Fall

May 2018 – In this Issue:

  • I-STREET Autonomous Bus Testing on Local Streets
  • UFTI Student Marian Ankomah Studies with International Researchers in East Africa
  • The Institute for Mobility, Activity, and Participation Team Presents at the American Occupational Therapy Association Conference
  • UFTI Affiliate Develops STEM Education Resources on Traffic Safety
  • A Look at the Former External Advisory Board Chair’s Contributions to the UFTI

April 2018 – UFTI News

  • New Transoft Solutions Scholarship for Undergraduate Students in Transportation
  • The UFTI has Joined a Second Metrolab Network Partnership
  • Bill Sampson Publishes New Highway Capacity Analysis Textbook
  • University of Florida researcher Julian Brinkley’s Dissertation Research covered by the Associate Press.
  • ITE & WTS Visit the Jacksonville Transportation Authority
  • UFTI Bids Farewell and Thanks to Nuchanart Tuntiserirat for Her Role as STRIDE Assistant

March 2018 – In This Issue:

  • University of Florida Researchers Compare Persistence and Fecundity of Florida-Ecotype and Non-Florida-Ecotype Wildflowers
  • UFTI Affiliate Dr. Mang Tia Uses Development of Mix Designs for RAP Concrete for Florida Concrete Test Bed
  • Dr. Reynaldo Roque Studies Impact of Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) on Asphalt Binder Performance
  • Meet Ph.D. Student Gustavo de Andrade
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • McTrans Webinar Series
  • T2 Course Calendar
  • Dr. Elise Miller-Hooks to Present on Thursday, April 12, 2018, on UF Campus
  • WTS Symposium Hosted at the University of Florida
  • UFTI Student Deja Jackson Selected as an ENO Fellow and Traffic Safety Scholar
  • Elaine Khoo Hired as UFTI’s Marketing & Communications Specialist
  • Welcome Our New T2 Staff
  • The WTS Student Chapter Participated in Alachua Women Build

February 2018 – In This Issue:

  • UFTI Collaborates with FDOT to Support Advanced Technologies Installation Along I-75 Through FRAME Project
  • Use of Infrared Thermography for the Inspection of Welds in the Shop and Field
  • Replaceable Unbonded Tendons for Post-tensioned Bridges
  • Meet Ph.D. Student Wei Sun
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • McTrans Webinar Series
  • HCS7 Software Update
  • T2 Course Calendar
  • UFTI Students Serve on the Urban Streets Highway Capacity and Quality of Service TRB Subcommittee
  • UF WTS Student Chapter Hosting a Symposium on Smart Cities
  • Save the Date! 3rd Transportation Engineering Education Workshop Co-Sponsored by STRIDE, May 22-23, 2018
  • I-MAP Partners with AAA to Update Smart Features for Older Drivers
  • Gator ITE Hosts a Student Leadership Summit at the University of Florida
  • UFTI Students Win Awards at ESSIE Poster Symposium

January 2018 – In This Issue:

  • UFTI Students, Faculty, and Staff Attend TRB’s 97th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
  • UFTI Researchers Host Data Visualization Workshop with Leading Researchers across the U.S.
  • Meet 2nd-Year Ph.D. Student, Stephen Spana
  • Selected Courses
  • HCS7 Software Update
  • T2 Course Calendar
  • Annual ITE Student Leadership Summit on February 9-11, 2018
  • UFTI Hosts TTI Director Gregory Winfree
  • Dr. Washburn and Students Research Covered by Transport Topics
  • CUTC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with ITE
  • UFTI Alumnus Liteng Zha wins 2018 COTA Best Dissertation Award
  • UFTI Annual Report Released
  • STRIDE Releases 4-Year Final Report