Pilot/Escort Flagging Courses

Pilot/Escort Flagging Courses

The Pilot/Escort Flagging training course is focused on Florida’s regulations applicable for escorting over-dimensional loads and teaches students how to safely maneuver common roadway configurations when escorting oversize loads.

Questions? Contact Jasper Masciocchi at j.masciocchi@ufl.edu or 352.273.1685 to discuss your training needs.

Courses Certification
Pilot/Escort Flagging

This course is approved by the Florida Department of Transportation, and is one-third of the Florida qualification required for those individuals responsible for warning the motoring public of oversize loads and assisting oversize load drivers on Florida highways.

By successfully completing the Pilot/Escort Flagging course and scoring 80% or better on the examination students will receive the 8 hour Pilot/Escort Certification.
Pilot/Escort Flagging – Refresher Online

This 4-hour refresher training is required for those individuals who have maintained current Florida qualification.