Infrastructure and Projects

Infrastructure and Projects

FDOT is investing in various emerging technology projects within the City of Gainesville (CoG) area on several corridors in partnership with CoG and UF as shown on the I-STREET corridors map. These corridors and proposed emerging technologies can be made available to I-STREET Partners to test their proposed I-STREET Solutions. All these corridors (including I-75) are connected to the CoG’s Smartraffic Center using the City’s communications network. CoG has several ITS deployments such as traffic cameras, travel time data collection devices, and arterial dynamic message signs on a few corridors. CoG also manages and operates signals for the Gainesville and surrounding areas including the City of Alachua. The traffic signal controllers are Naztec 980 version and run on central system software at CoG’s Smartraffic facility.

UF Test Bed Corridors

I-STREET Partners may opt to use these corridors to test their Solutions or may request other corridors within CoG City Limits.  Developers may identify opportunities to improve existing and proposed systems in this region to support demonstration or testing of their proposed I-STREET Solution(s). Such recommendations should be submitted to the I-STREET Team along with the RFI response or identified after the proposed solution is selected for further discussion, potentially leading to demonstration or testing.

Detailed information regarding the specific equipment available at a particular location or corridor may be obtained from the City of Gainesville (see contacts at the end of the RFI).

Summary details for projects:

Project NameContactEmail
I-75 Florida’s Regional Advanced Mobility Elements (FRAME)Fred
Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety DemonstrationFred Heery
Gainesville SPaT TrapeziumRaj
Traffic Signal Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the Traffic StreamDr. Lily
Development and Testing of Optimized Autonomous and Connected Vehicle Trajectories at Signalized IntersectionsDr. Lily
Testbed Initiative Transit ComponentsDr. Yong-Kyu
Data Management and AnalyticsDr. Sanjay
Shuttle EvaluationDr. Pruthvi
ADASDr. Lily
Extended Development and Testing of Optimized Signal control with Autonomous and Connected VehiclesDr. Lily
Transportation Mobility Assessment and Recommendations for Smart City Planning Dr. Lily
Data Analytics and Evaluation of the Gainesville Trapezium Connected Vehicle Signal Phasing and Timing (SPaT) DeploymentDr. Sanjay
Before and After Study of Gainesville Pedestrian-Bicyclists Connected Vehicle PilotDr. Lily

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