Course Offerings

Course Offerings

Transportation Engineering Courses

Operations and Simulation

InstructorCourse No.Title
ElefteriadouTTE 6267Traffic Flow Theory
ElefteriadouTTE 6259Urban Streets Simulation and Control
WashburnTTE 5256Traffic Engineering
WashburnTTE 6205Freeway Operations
WashburnCGN 6905Advanced Traffic Simulation*

Planning and Analytics

InstructorCourse No.Title
SrinivasanTTE 5106Advanced Urban Transportation Planning
SrinivasanTTE 6505Discrete Choice Analysis
ZhaoEGN 5215Machine Learning Applications in Civil Engineering
ZhaoCGN 6905Transportation Data Analytics
YanCGN 6905Applied Data Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Networks, Safety, and Design

InstructorCourse No.Title
DuTTE 5305Advanced Transportation Systems Analysis
DuTTE 6606Urban Transportation Models
GuoTTE 6315Highway Safety Analysis
GuoTTE 5805Geometric Design of Transportation Facilities

Selected Graduate Electives

CCE 5035Construction Planning and Scheduling
CGN 5605Public Works Planning
CGN 5606Public Works Management
CGN 6905Pavement Design
TTE 5837Pavement Magagement Systems
CES 5325Deisgn of Highway Bridges
URP6821Transportation and Land Use Modeling
URP6716Transportation Policy and Planning
URP6711 Transportation and Land Use Coordination
URP 6270Introduction to Planning Information Systems
URP 6274GPS for Planners
URP 6100Planning Theory and History
URP6042 Urban Economy
URP6280 3D Geospatial Modeling and Visualization
URP6542 Urban Land Economics
URP6272 Urban Spatial Analysis
STA6166Statistical Methods for Research I
STA6167Statistical Methods for Research II
STA 6326Introduction to Theoretical Statistics I
STA 5106Computer Programs in Statistical Analysis
STA 5325Mathematical Methods of Statistics
ESI6314Deterministic Methods for Operational Research
ESI 6325Applied Probability Methods in Engineering
ESI 5236Reliability Engineering
ESI 6337Markov Processes, Queuing Theory and Applications
ESI 6546Stochastic Modeling and Analysis
ESI 6529Digital Simulation Techniques
ENC5319Scholarly Writing for Publication 
CAP5108Research Methods for Human Centered Computer
CAP6610Machine Learning
BCN 5470Construction Methods Improvement
GIS6104Spatial Networks
GEO6938Special Topics: Transportation Geography
SUR 6395Topics in GIS