Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees are offered in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Transportation Engineering. In addition, a Transportation Operations and Planning (TOP) certificate program, a concurrent degree in transportation engineering and urban planning, a Transportation Professional degree, and an Executive Degree (to be offered in the West Palm Beach campus) are offered. The academic program in Civil Engineering is housed in the Engineering school of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment within the College of Engineering. The students learn and research various topics including:

  •     Connected & automated vehicles
  •      Big data and data analytics
  •      The theory of traffic flow
  •      Simulation and optimization of transportation systems
  •      Traveler behavior and safety analysis
  •      Resilient Infrastructure planning, design, and monitoring
  •      Dynamic traveler information systems
  •      Multi-modal transportation (e.g., transit, ridesharing, and micromobility)

Students may also undertake their research in transportation engineering topics while pursuing their degrees in other programs such as computer science, mechanical engineering, occupational therapy, industrial and systems engineering, and urban and regional planning.

If you are interested in such an option please refer to the academic programs of the appropriate departments for information on the degrees and requirements.

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