Online Education Opportunities

Online Education Opportunities


Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Transportation Leadership

The “Transportation Leadership” concentration is a new initiative targeted at working professionals who are looking for career advancement to leadership roles in the transportation profession. This online degree offers a blend of technical and leadership courses and is offered in collaboration with the Engineering Leadership and Engineering Innovation Institutes at UF. This program is open to students who have a bachelor’s degree (not limited to civil engineering) and work experience in a transportation-related field.

Upon admission to the program, students will first take the core course “Fundamentals of the Transportation Profession” which is focused on the past, present, and future of the profession. Guest Speakers will address various themes such as institutions, public policy, financing, economics, public engagement, communications, leadership, management and select technical issues. The students will take three additional core classes: Engineering Leadership, Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management and Engineering Innovation.  The students can take the remaining six courses from a wide array of online transportation-related courses offered by the UFTI. There are also opportunities for transferring-in relevant graduate credits from other institutions. Professionals working for the state of Florida may be eligible for tuition waiver. For admission and other questions please contact Dr. Siva Srinivasan. Students can start this program in both Spring and Fall semesters.


The Transportation Operations and Planning (TOP) Certificate Program has been established for transportation professionals with interests in transportation systems management, operations, and transportation planning. This is a UF certificate based on three graduate courses and taught by faculty in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering who are affiliated with the UF Transportation Institute. The program is administered through the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering (CCE) Department which is housed in the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment (ESSIE). For more information, please visit our website. Details about the list of courses and admissions are available here. For admission and other questions please contact Dr. Siva Srinivasan.


Access to safe, reliable and affordable transportation is a right for all individuals – yet it is particularly difficult to provide in many areas, particularly rural locations. This can mean the difference between access to medical care, job opportunities and food sources or the lack thereof and those with easy access often take it for granted and don’t realize how many people live without it. One important step to changing that disparity is by educating planners and engineers on this topic, which is why we are offering a two-part training series offered in a four-hour block held over four days that leads to obtaining a Transportation Equity Fundamentals Certification. Each training is an eight-hour live, online course for a total of 16 Professional Development Hours. For more information and to register.


  • Continuing education and professional development opportunities are available on the STRIDE Center website and are designed to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students and to supplement and reinforce the center’s research activities. Activities in this area include the development of course modules, regional conferences, internships, seminars and distance education. You can view course materials developed by STRIDE and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates.
  • The UF Occupational Therapy department offers driving-related courses through their CEU Online program, Visit here for more information.
  • The UFTI Leadership Institute has two graduate certificates in Engineering Leadership and Engineering Project Management Certificate. You can find out more about it here.
  • Innovation institute has one graduate certificate in Engineering Innovation. You can find out more about it here.