UFTI Welcomes Dr. Nithin Agarwal

The University of Florida Transportation Institute’s (UFTI) Transportation Technology Transfer Center (T2 Center) is excited to welcome Dr. Nithin Agarwal to the team. Dr. Agarwal is a transportation research engineer who brings nearly a decade of experience in the field… Read More

Student Spotlight: Sinead Crotty, Ph.D. Student

Sinead Crotty is one of the many interdisciplinary students affiliated with the UFTI, currently pursuing a doctoral degree in environmental engineering. Her project involves looking at the spatial patterning of bivalves in salt marshes. Bivalve communities have a critical role… Read More

Student Spotlight

Amy Cavaretta, M.S. (UF 2013), UF Department of Urban & Regional Planning As a little girl, Amy Cavaretta loved to draw and color on her father’s engineering blueprints, imagining communities neatly arranged with roads and sidewalks, attractive homes and buildings,… Read More