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STRIDE Regional Center 2013 Annual Report

The Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education (STRIDE) Center housed at the University of Florida is a U.S. Department of Transportation grant-funded University Transportation Center that conducts transportation-related research  in the areas of safety, livable communities and economic competitiveness.… Read More

TRIP 2014 Summer Interns

Four students where chosen to participate in this summer’s Transportation Research Internship Program (TRIP). The program is managed by the STRIDE Center, a U.S. DOT grant-funded regional transportation center housed at the University of Florida. The interns are: Kory Harb… Read More

Our Graduates & Where They Are Now

Muhammad Ali, M.S. (2013) Civil Engineer AI Engineers, Inc., Hartford, Conn. Grady Carrick, Ph.D. (2012) President Enforcement Engineering, Inc. Amy Cavaretta, M.S./MAURP (2013) Transportation Analyst Cambridge Systematics, Inc., Bethesda, Md. Jennifer Connell, B.S. (2014) Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc. Nagendra Dhakar,… Read More