Proceedings of the 2019 Workshop on Linked Building Data & Semantic Web Technologies

With an increase in the use of computer software, technologies and automation such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the built environment and the architecture, engineering, construction and operation industry (AEOC) have been experiencing… Read More

McTrans Virtual Booth at ITE2020

The UFTI’s McTrans Center will be hosting a virtual Exhibition Booth during ITE2020. The program includes product reviews, webinars, and research presentations related to the Highway Capacity Software (HCS), Highway Capacity Manual (HCM6) and mobility analysis. To access the Exhibition Booth click… Read More

The UFTI’s Remote Work Series

How we meet The University of Florida’s move to remote work has forced all of us to rethink the way we meet and interact with our colleagues.   During this time the UFTI has celebrated a retirement and held an External Advisory Board meeting. Traditionally, these… Read More

Autonomous Shuttle Ready for Passengers

GAINESVILLE, Florida – Starting Feb. 3, Gainesville residents will be able to board an autonomous shuttle for test rides between downtown Gainesville and the University of Florida campus. The shuttle will be operated by the City of Gainesville’s Regional Transit… Read More

UFTI at the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Meeting

Dr. Elefteriadou stands to the left of a screen where the first slide of her presentation is projected. The presentation slide has the UF Transportation Institute Logo and reads: Signal Control and Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Optimization for Enhancing Mobility. Dr. Lily Elefteriadou, Director, UFTI; Professor of Civil Engineering. Co-Pis: Dr. Carl Crane (MAE), Dr. Sanjay Ranka (CISE). INFORMS, October 22, 2019

Several UFTI faculty and students presented at the INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle this past month. The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) Annual Meeting provides attendees with a unique opportunity to connect and network. Dr. Lily… Read More

SURF Student Spotlight: Zachary Jerome

Zachary Jerome from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, is the UFTI’s 2019 SURF student. He is currently working on two projects under the guidance of Dr. Lily Elefteriadou: “Autonomous Vehicles at Intelligent Intersections and Advanced Networks” and “Highway Capacity Manual… Read More