UFTI-STRIDE Faculty, Students Present at the 7th Annual UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region

UFTI faculty researchers and graduate students associated with the STRIDE Center presented their projects and served as moderators during the 7th Annual UTC Conference for the Southeastern Region in Boca Raton, FL, March 24-25, 2022. The UTC conference is an annual event that brings together students, faculty, staff, transportation practitioners, and public agencies with the purpose of disseminating information about ongoing research, education, technology transfer, and workforce development activities. Below is a list of those presentations.

Podium Presentations:

A Trajectory-based Method for Platoon Formation of Connected and Automated Vehicles
Agustin Guerra and Lily Elefteriadou (University of Florida)

Experience of Drivers of all Age Groups with Autonomous Vehicles Technologies
Sherrilene Classen, Justin Mason (University of Florida), Wencui Yang, Virginia Sisiopiku (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Forecasting Person Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study of Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Florida
Xilei Zhao, Xiaojian Zhang (University of Florida), Louis Merlin John Renne, Stepan Mazokha, Jason Hallstrom (Florida Atlantic University)

Analysis of Factors that Impact the Passenger Care Equivalent of Autonomous Vehicles on Freeways
Renan Favero, University of Florida

Exploring the Potential of Shared E-scooters as a Last-mile Complement of Public Transit
Xiang Yang, Xilei Zhao (University of Florida), Andrea Broaddus, Ford Motor Company, Josh Johnson, SPIN (Ford Mobility), Siva Srinivasan, University of Florida

Micro Mobility Equity: A Comparison of Shared E-Scooters and Station-based Bikeshare in Washington, D.C.
Lin Su, Xiang Yan, Xilei Zhao (University of Florida)

Robust and Resilient Equilibrium Routing Mechanism for Traffic Congestion Mitigation Built upon Mixed Strategy Correlated Game and Distributed Optimization
Yuqiang Ning, Lili Du (University of Florida)

Examining Spatial Heterogeneity of Ridesourcing Demand Determinants with Explainable Machine Learning
Xiaojian Zhang (University of Florida), Zhengze Zhou (Cornell University) Xiang Yan, Xilei Zhao (University of Florida)

Strategies for Mitigating Congestion in Small Urban and Rural Areas
Dimitra Michalaka, The Citadel, Nithin Agarwal, University of Florida, Kweku Brown, The Citadel, Michael Hunter, Deborah Postma, Georgia Institute of Technology, Siva Srinivasan, University of Florida

Poster Presentation:

Operational Analysis of Emergency Freight Truck Parking Facilities in Florida
Vasileia Antonoglou, Florida Atlantic University, Shannon Hickey, University of Florida, Katerina Koliou, National Technical University of Athens, Evangelos I. Kaisar, Florida Atlantic University, Elif Akcali, Scott Washburn, University of Florida

Workshop on Automated, Connected, Electric and Shared Vehicles
Yu Zhang, University of Florida (panelist)

Participated as Moderators
Smart Cities Session – Lily Elefteriadou
Transportation Safety Session – Scott Washburn