UFTI welcomes Justin Dennis to the External Advisory Board

Mr. Justin Dennis is the co-founder of Urban SDK, which is a company that specializes in helping local governments and public agencies build trust with IoT (Internet of Things), data visualization, and machine learning. At Urban SDK, he leads all operations and product development related to technology.

As technical lead, Justin manages a team of software engineers, data scientists, and project resources to provide Urban SDK’s software and systems integration platform to public sector clients. The team specializes in innovative IoT and big data projects requiring complex data management, data science, artificial intelligence, and cloud software architecture. Justin has over 10 years of experience leading software development and big data operations with a unique mix of entrepreneurial roles.

Mr. Dennis is also currently leading the development of multiple big data projects for state agencies requiring the development of software applications and systems integration for 1) real-time analytics for safety, parking, and congestion, 2) transportation planning performance measures analytics, 3) open source GIS data visualization platform 4) the development of regional data exchange, and 5) asset management platform for utilities infrastructure sensor data.

Justin is actively involved in Smart North Florida, a regional coalition dedicated to improving North Florida’s quality of life through the application of technology and public service. He is responsible for developing a series of Hackathons to engage the local technical community and build new STEM businesses in North Florida.