Dr. Nithin Agarwal Appointed UFTI T2 Center Director

Dr. Nithin Agarwal has been appointed Director of the UFTI Technology Transfer (T2) Center, effective February 21, 2020. 

headshot of Dr. Nithin Agarwal

Dr. Agarwal has served as the Assistant Director of the T2 Center for over a year. Dr. Agarwal also manages the UFTI’s Transportation Safety Center where he also leads efforts to evaluate emerging technologies utilizing the UFTI’s I-STREET testbed. He serves as Principal Investigator for two Florida Department of Transportation grants that focus on improving safety throughout Florida: the Occupant Protection Resource Center and Pedestrian Bicycling Safety Resource Center.

As a member of the UF Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering graduate faculty, Dr. Agarwal teaches transportation courses at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Before joining the University of Florida, Dr. Agarwal was a research associate with the Kentucky Transportation Research Center for over six years, focusing on evaluation of adaptive traffic signal controls and implementation of the Highway Safety Manual procedures for various local agencies.

Dr. Agarwal has over a decade of experience in the field of traffic operations, highway design and safety, technology transfer, and education, with contributions in numerous areas of the profession. He chairs the Transportation Research Board’s Subcommittee on Traffic Signal Timing and is a member of the Traffic Signal Systems committee. He was also nominated to serve as a panel member for the National Academy of Sciences’ National Cooperative Highway Research Program (Project 17-92 and Project 03-133). Dr. Agarwal has presented at national conferences, including the Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting, and has co-authored several research reports. Dr. Agarwal has developed online training and certification courses on signal timing and signal systems, which are utilized by local and state agencies. Dr. Agarwal has been consulted as a subject matter expert by state and national agencies and has also contributed to the development of several courses, including participation with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO)’s Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council.