Dr. Elefteriadou shares the Potential of I-STREET at a Workshop Hosted by Info Tech

This past month, the University of Florida and Info Tech hosted the North American Linked Data in Architecture and Construction (LDAC) Workshop on Linked Building Data and Semantic Web Technologies (WLS 2019). The theme of the workshop was the Future of Information Exchanges and Interoperability.

I-STREET Logo: a bus, a car, a pedestrian and a bicyclist surrounded by orange lines to indicated communication

Dr. Lily Elefteriadou presented a plenary session “Capitalizing on Autonomy, Connectivity, and other Advanced Technologies to Enhance Mobility and Safety: The I-STREET Testbed.” This presentation discussed the I-STREET real-world testbed. This collaboration between the Florida Department of Transportation, the City of Gainesville, and the University of Florida Transportation Institute allows for unique and innovative research.

What does it mean to be a real-world testbed? The research being done with I-STREET takes place in a fully-functioning area of the city, which allows for opportunities that are not often possible in most research projects.

This work aligned with the goals of this workshop. The UF College of Design, Construction & Planning website explains that the purpose of this workshop was to provide an overview of technical and applied research, as well as the methods and usage of interoperability in the Architecture Engineering, Construction, and Operation (AECO) industry and built environment.