UFTI and City of Gainesville Collaborate on Newly-Funded NSF Smart Cities Project

The goal of this project is to enable cities and communities to deploy technology that saves lives through safer transportation systems. Video data will be gathered through edge-based real-time machine learning (ML) techniques and videostream processing from intersections and public vehicles. By understanding the risk profile of an intersection through automated detection of near miss events, communities will be able to proactively design and alter streets and intersections to be safer. Dr. Sanjay Ranka, UF Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering, will serve as the lead principal investigator. Other researchers involved on the project include Dr. Siva Srinivasan and Dr. Lily Elefteriadou (UF Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering), Dr. Anand Rangarajan (UF Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering), and Daniel Hoffman and Emmanuel Posadas (City of Gainesville).

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