UFTI Testing Driver Alerts in Active School Zones

The University of Florida has partnered with Temple, Inc., and Applied Information, Inc., to test and evaluate the use of GPS and cell phone technology that can send an alert or warning message on the driver’s cell phone if the driver is speeding in an active school zone. A secondary benefit of the same application is the potential to alert the driver if there is a cyclist in the vicinity, or alert the cyclist of an approaching vehicle.

Dr. Eakta Jain from the UF department of computer and information science and engineering is the lead principal investigator on this project along with co-principal investigators Dr. Clark Letter and Dr. Siva Srinivasan from the UF department of civil engineering.

Researchers will use eye-tracking devices to track driver attention and GPS to determine subsequent driving behavior changes, such as slowing down. Additionally, recruited drivers will be measured in controlled experiments for their attention and speeding  behavior. The results of this project will evaluate the potential benefit of this technology in increasing driver attentiveness and reducing speeding in school Zones.