McTrans and T2 Collaborate on Webinar

McTrans and T2 Centers both offer workshops to the transportation community.  McTrans provides training on transportation software, and T2 provides a wealth of continuing education courses and resources. When both centers get requests for training on the same topic, it is inevitable that the two centers would come together to offer an outstanding service for their target audiences.

That is what happened this spring, when the McTrans Center introduced a series of webinars on Traffic Engineering Fundamentals (TEF). At the same time, T2 Center customers requested training on manuals that were discussed in McTrans’ TEF webinars. Thus was born a two-day, condensed TEF webinar for T2 customers.

T2 offered the condensed webinar in April and were very pleased with the collaboration. More webinars are being planned as requests are received. As a result of this interest, more of the live classes are being converted to webinars.

For more information on the TEF webinars through McTrans, visit their website at

If you are interested in a T2 “live class” that you would like to attend as a webinar, contact the T2 Center workshop coordinator David Page at or 352-273-1685.