Florida T2 Center Hosts FHWA Everyday Counts

The Florida T2 Center is bringing state-of-the-art highway technology improvements to Florida locals and beyond this fall. This specialized transfer of technology is made possible through a federal project called Every Day Counts (EDC).

Every Day Counts is a set of initiatives from Federal Highway Administration that shorten project delivery or accelerate technology and innovation deployment. They are deployed through state, local, and industry partners. Each initiative is showcased to the nation through a short demonstration at a set location. For the past three years, the Florida T2 Center had the privilege of hosting each of the demonstrations across the U.S., helping to make connections with T2’s core audience and local agencies. T2 is tapped again this year to host a series of eight more demonstrations in late 2014.

The latest EDC initiative demonstrated in Florida was a May 2014 showcase on Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Integrated Bridge System (GRS-IBS) technology in Nassau County. The County is currently utilizing this innovative cost and time-saving construction technique to replace an existing double 9ʹ x 10ʹ box culvert (pictured right). The new bridge and roadway will include two 12ʹ lanes versus the existing two 9ʹ lanes currently accommodated. After the presentations and lunch, the 42 attendees were able to visit the site and see the bridge being constructed. The roadway had been closed for 10 of the 30 calendar days planned for construction.

The EDC initiatives have several years of success in deployment of new technologies. Not only does this program create a venue for demonstrating these technologies to the public, but also develop performance measures connected to each technology so that anyone using it can gauge their success.

For more information on Every Day Counts Initiatives, or to submit an innovative idea, visit their website: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/everydaycounts/